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Welcome to the Exciting World of Martial Arts at Yong In Taigon Taekwondo!

Why Yong In Taigon Taekwondo is so popular?
Because this is could be the right SPORT for your child. What if is no longer a choice here, but done that. We are teaching children & teens to leave the comfort zone and experience every teaching minute on the mat, in what surrounds them, and in whatever they are participating. Things only look hard to the un train eye, so why not try something different this time. Something that will help you create a new purpose for your life and help you think outside of the game. Why try to be average like everyone else? This year, I want you to try our Taekwondo school. The perfect sport for children to have fun this summer as they learn to protect themselves. I know that most parents recognize that the public school system is not enough for their children to develop self discipline, respect, and self confidence. That is how I started getting involved in Taekwondo. I invite you to visit us and try at least one teachable minute for your child to reach the inspiration within them in reaching out skills that are only waiting to be tap into. I hope that you become a part of our martial arts family and continue your journey with us to grow in wisdom, happiness, and peace. We are here to create tomorrow’s leaders by Making a Difference One Black Belt at a Time! Together, we can help your child do the things you thought were impossible:

πŸ™‚ Learn the meaning of Commitment, Determination, Perseverance, and Discipline to achieve personal goals
πŸ™‚ Learn to focus and prioritize to be able to finish their homework and do Taekwondo
πŸ™‚ Learn to be patience and respectful to others
πŸ™‚ Learn to maintain a healthy attitude and physical health
πŸ™‚ Learn to improve their leadership skills and interpersonal skills
πŸ™‚ Learn to be a loyal friend, be honest, be kind, be “All You Can Be.”
πŸ™‚ Learn to love learning self control, exercise, and keep making a difference
πŸ™‚ Continue to learn and practice Taekwondo (the art of self defense) and set & achieve goals new goals

We get a lot of positive feedback from parents and our local school teachers. (See reviews at What Parents and Local Teachers are saying)


The Masters,
Yong In Taigon Taekwondo

Special Events

Sleepover Nights Fri April 8, 2016

Birthday Celebrations -on weekends only

Summer Camps July & Aug 2016

Movie Night Fri April 8, 2016

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  • The atmosphere is always very positive, taekwondo students and families are always a pleasure to be around.–J. Bennett

  • The masters and instructors are all top notch and they truly care about their students–C. Cochran

  • Taigon Taekwondo is the best place/sport I have ever been apart of! I can't imagine my life without it! It's amazing!–S. Harnish