If you have been a good follower and have chosen your leaders properly, you will have learned to lead others. Just as it comes time for children to leave home and enter the world as individuals, there also comes a time for followers to become leaders. As children can always come home for support, great leaders understand that continuing to have role models and leaders as a reference will foster continued personal growth. At Yong-In TAIGON Taekwondo school, it is our mission to develop great leaders. Our tool is Taekwondo.

Master Kim

Founder Yong-In TAIGON Taekwondo, Lake Stevens, WA

Master Sung Soo Kim
7th Dan Black Belt
4th Dan Hapkido
4th Dan Kick Boxing
2nd Dan Judo
Yong-In University Taekwondo Bachelor’s degree
Education Teacher Certificate, National TKD Champion
Former KOREAN TIGERS Demo Team member

Master Santiago

Co-Founder Yong-In TAIGON Taekwondo, Lake Stevens, WA


Master Maritza Santiago
5th Dan Black Belt
Mixed Martial Artist
Casework Counselor EDCC
Computer Info System EDCC
Honored Grad 🙂 of course!
Physical Education (P.E.)
USA ARMY Retired (Honorable)
Former ARMY Master Fitness Trainer
USA player Silver Medalist WTF Gyeong-Ju, KOREA