What parents and teachers are saying about our Yong In Taigon Taekwondo school. (taken from google+ pages reviews)!
Parents Testimonials about Yong In Taigon Taekwondo

July 22, 2017
Yong In Taigon Taekwondo is a fantastic Taekwondo school. Master Kim and Santiago, the leadership team, and Interns, are all truly amazing with the students of every age. Remy, my 7yr old daughter has been attending for about a year or so now. Aside from learning this Material Art my hope was that she would also gain overall confidence, physical confidence, focus, a sense of being apart of a positive community/ group, the sense of accomplishment that comes with practicing/ working hard at something over time/ sticking with it given that it’s so common in this generation to quit what does not come instantly with minimal effort- to learn the value of hard work/determination/ patience, to learn the value of physical activity/ being out in the world living life/ interacting with others over TV and video games, to know that she as a female is just as capable as male peers no matter what area of interest she has and should not be discouraged by anything or any one, to learn balance in life- that there is a difference between healthy self confidence and ego, assertiveness and aggressiveness, and that there is a balance to be learned in being true to ones self and being respectfully apart of a community, that there is great value in learning about and with other cultures, That it is an honor when other cultures out side of your own embrace sharing their background, language and knowledge with you.
I feel like she is gaining all this and more. She is now a blue belt, a part of the black belt club, is determined to earn her black belt, and wants very much to work up to a leadership position so she can assist teaching classes. Maurisa Lilith Dalilah Zebadiah

This really is a top notch school. Great instructors great students and a fun encouraging atmosphere. It is More then just a martial arts school. My son is going on almost 4 years at the school, starting at 4yrs old. It has giving him goals and drive at each belt level and he looks forward to his black belt goal.
Nick Cotton

February 6, 2017
We are truly happy to be apart of Yong-In Taigon Taekwondo. Master Kim and Master Santiago are expertise in their field. They are knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated. They truly love what they do and genuinely care for all of their students and families.
Our child started at Yong In Taigon Taekwondo in October of last year. Although it has only been a little more than four months, we can see the confidence, positivity, work ethic, and love that Master Kim often preached throughout our child’s practice sessions. The leadership team there is awesome and great role models– they are very effective in communicating with the younger ones. The older students are caring and they do a great job teaching the younger ones. Overall, the entire team is great.

The environment here is positive and family oriented, it is a refreshing atmosphere that is based on great values. This is a great place for anyone, and especially the little ones, to build a solid foundation physically, and mentally.
We are happy with what we have seen in our child’s qualities – they are beginning to reflect Master Kim and Master Santiago’s teachings.
Hannah Kim Couture

I love going to taekwondo, it is so fun. We do so many different activities and exercises and all of hem are fun. The masters make you work really hard but they only do that for your own good. I am almost a black belt I will be black belt testing in days. I am so nervous but excited at the same time. I have been go here since I was four or five and now I am going to be a teenager next year. I took a break after I got my orange belt hen I came back in fourth grade now I can’t believe I am almost a black belt. I would definitely recommend going here. I Love It Here. I have made so many friends, some that will last forever.
The Wallace Family

My son started Tae Kwon Do at Yong In beginning in September. We have had a wonderfully positive experience and NO PRESSURE to sign a year contract. In fact, Master Kim encouraged us to take our time on the month to month plan to make sure that my son really wants to stick with the program. She said we could sign on for the one year at any time. The instructors at this school are outstanding…every time. Master Kim, Master Santiago and Instructor Shin are always professional, respectful and encouraging to the students. Yes, they do push the kids to do their best. And if kids struggle from time to time or get discouraged, they are so great about encouraging them to persevere. I love that fact that all students work to earn their awards and recognitions. This is true for the teen leadership staff as well. Those kids have earned their opportunity to lead. It shouldn’t matter how old they are. What matters is that they have worked their way up through the ranks to achieve black belt status. What an inspiration to students of any age!! I highly recommend Young In Tae Kwon Do to everyone I know.

The Virtual Academy Director
Paulette Habersetzer

My son has gone to Taigon Taekwondo since one month before his 5th birthday. He is now ready to turn 13 in a few days. He has gone to the rank of 2nd degree with 3rd degree in his sights for the spring of 2015. I could not have asked for a better experience than with this organization. My son has developed a confidence in himself in many areas of his life that I don’t know if he would have had otherwise. The masters at Taigon Taekwondo understand that each child is different and are able to customize their teaching according to the students in the room at the time and as an educator myself, that is no easy task! They greet each child with a smile and truly want to know how they are doing that day and everyday. This organization also donates their time to the community. For example, the last two years they have gone to Mt. Pilchuck Elementary and taught a class of varied aged children almost every Friday to kids who may not otherwise get to try or understand the true sport of Taekwondo. I highly recommend this organization for ANY child…or adult!!!!!
Nicole Guzley

My son Derek has been going to Yong In Taigon Taekwondo for almost four years. The instructors are caring helpful and positive day in and day out without fail. They have helped my son grow in ways that i could not imagine. His self confidence discipline and respect for others is beyond his years because of the focus they put on this subject. If you are looking for a place to learn Taekwondo this is the place!! My son loves it there.
Doug Caldart

A most excellent school! My daughter loves it, her goal is black belt and I have no doubt that she will make her goal with the help of the instructors. The instructors are great and very helpful, they want the children to be successful as much as the parents do. Thank you Master Kim and Master Santiago!
Lisa Covey

Yong In Taekwondo is a wonderful place to learn and have fun learning the sport of Taekwondo. My entire family has been learning from Master Kim and her team of instructors for the past couples years and I couldn’t be more please with the results. Not only are my children learning about Taekwondo but they are also becoming more confident in themselves in all areas of life. Yong In is not just a place that my family goes, but the people their are family and I couldn’t be more happy to have each an everyone of them in my life. Thank you Master Kim for creating this awesome environment.
Tim Dell

My kids are in the tiny taigons class which is for kids from 4-6 years old and they love it. Not only do they teach self defense, they really try to go beyond that and improve the attitude, confidence, and discipline of these kids. I don’t think you could find a better martial arts school to put your kids in. The teachers really care about these kids and it shows. I have been enrolled in the adult and teens taekwondo program for the last three months. I am really loving it. The exercise has really paid off, and my flexibility has improved dramatically. Even my mind feels sharper from the memory work and the forms. What a great alternative to the boring routine of a gym. I look forward to continuing on to get my black belt.
John F. Schuster
I have 4 grandsons who wanted to do Taekwondo, my son, my daughter in law and my husband too. Yes, I’m a mother and a grandmother and I can’t believe I am receiving Taekwondo training with most of my family. Master Santiago and Master Kim are amazing instructors. They have a unique ability to connect with children as well as adults. Talented, motivated and insightful. I have experienced many fun classes and I am thrilled to have finally found a place where my entire family is safe, comfortable and learns while having fun.
Nery Cadena
Nery Cadena

Amazing instructors, good environment, best martial arts studio, in my honest opinion.
Brandon Cannon

I would like to thank Master Kim and Master Santiago for their dedication in the development of youth and families. Since enrolled in this wonderful school, my son Derek Oden has gained focus and self confidence that has dramatically changed his life for the better at home and at school. I must admit that I, from time to time, take for granted how much love and energy goes into running a school like this. I was vividly reminded of how special Young In is when my son tested for his yellow belt recently. During the board breaking portion of the test he became nervous and frustrated as his mother stood in front of him holding the board. Master Kim looked him in the eyes and spoke to him with care and confidence. When he broke the board his eyes were filled with astonishment and joy. He did not hug his mom in that instance. Instead he immediately turned to Master Kim and hugged her. The teachers and their staff care deeply for their students and the school is run as a family. I would just like to say thank you for your kindness, sacrifices, understanding, honesty, and selflessness. You have shaped many young lives and reinforced good family values. You are a solid cornerstone in the community of Lake Stevens. We are deeply honored to have you all teaching our son. Thank you!
Shane Oden
Shane Oden

My son started training here and loves it. The teachers are wonderful, and his confidence and discipline has grown since he has been here.
Jodi Drew

My daughter has been training at Yong In Taigon Taekwondo for over a year and I started training a few months ago in the adult program. We couldn’t ask for a better experience or better instructors. Mstr Kim, Mstr Santiago, Instructor Shinn and all the leadership are fantastic! It really is a community and family oriented organization. We look forward to our time at the dojang and appreciate the time and dedication of the instructors. They really do a great job tailoring the training for each group and utilizing the time efficiently. I have never felt pressured to sign up for or do anything by anyone and have witnessed true compassion by every instructor. They all sincerely care for each and every one of the students, no doubt! I would recommend Yong In Taigon Taekwondo to everyone interested in TKD training.
Carolyn Hall

Yong-In Taigon is the best Taekwondo school, and I’m honor to be a part of. My children and I love this Do-Jang. All the students who attend this school are every kind and friendly. It didn’t take us long to feel like we belong here and be part of this awesome family. Master Kim, especially, is very methodical in her teaching. She is one of the best martial art instructors that I have trained with. I’ve learned so much from her, and my kids love being trained with her even more.
Cuong Le

The masters and instructors at Yong-In Taigon TaeKwonDo are great. My son has really grown in skill, maturity and confidence since he began his training at Yong-In.
Nakia Kammerzell

We love this school, So much more than instruction in Taekwondo. This a warm and loving place. The kids are so happy to be here. Wonderful positive instruction. They even have extra fun times for the kids such a movie nights, sleep overs and great holiday parties for the kids. The summer camps are awesome. I am so glad we found this school.
Donna Ross
Both of our children attend Yong In Taigon Taekwondo. I have watched as my son, who just earned his 1st degree black belt, learn and grow into a very disciplined and amazing young man. I know that his dedication, perseverance, courage, confidence, and self-discipline are in no small way made possible by his training with Master Kim and Master Santiago. My daughter, who is younger, just earned her purple belt and she absolutely loves training. The atmosphere at Yong In Taigon Taekwondo is so unconditionally positive–but the standards are high and students learn they must work hard to progress. Great place, great instructors, and a real sense of family.
KIen N Andi

The staff at this school are very professional and truly care about the children. They are honest, and will work out with your child ‘s attitude, confidence, discipline and self esteem. You cannot put a price to their teaching. Is priceless what you learn at this school. I have noticed how Master Kim and Master Santiago teach classes showing each technique with great detail. I highly recommend this taekwondo school to all my friends. I too enjoy and take instruction at this school. LOVE THIS SCHOOL – is like family to me.
Josh Gonzalez
Our experience with Yong In Taigon Taekwondo has been fantastic. Our oldest son, now 5 years old, has been attending classes for the last 1.5 years and he loves it. Now his younger brother will join him. As parents we find every class targeted to develop, not only martial arts knowledge and skills, but also targeted to the integrity and character of the kids. Both Master Kim and Master Santiago have impressed us with their ability to manage little kids and keep them focused, entertained and pushing them to do better. I would highly recommend this place.
Jairo y Claudia Cadena
A most excellent school! My daughter loves it, her goal is black belt and I have no doubt that she will make her goal with the help of the instructors. The instructors are great and very helpful, they want the children to be successful as much as the parents do. Thank you Master Kim and Master Santiago!
Lisa Covey