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I wonder what the family on this picture share in common? A Family That Train Together Stay Together! Don’t you want to try something with your family and make it an everlasting experience that you can talk, relate, be heard, laugh, encourage the perseverance attitude to never give up on family goals? Make a family rule #1) never quit and #2) when in doubt refer to rule #1. Whether you are looking to restore your leadership role with your siblings, bring the attitude of perseverance into your life, or to learn new skills to win your battles obstacles… Get ready for a new season and challenge in your life like never before.

We focus on Martial Arts Excellence, Physical Fitness, character development, leadership skills, how to work in teamwork, Self discipline and Self Esteem, how to take responsibility for our own actions, understanding the importance of sharing with others, develop self control, and to answer properly to adults with an attitude of respect: YES MA’AM! (something that is going slowly away from our culture). Each belt level is packed with drills, techniques, responsibilities and a get to know “yourself” and others better. We want to see the children in our communities stand up for what is right, and become men and women that will say “NO” to drugs or “NO” to bullying or intimidation by others.

Certification: This is Olympic Style Taekwondo. All black Belts are certified through the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) in Korea. Why is this important? Because once you achieve black belt you can train nationwide as a black belt. If your school does not send your paperwork to the kukkiwon in Korea to get you certified, you are only a black belt to that school. All belt testing are a separate fee.

We have on-going belt examination which helps the student acknowledge their own merit and achievements simply with one goal in mind — to become a Black Belt! Our curriculum includes the WTF Taekguk forms, Palwges, Hapkido Self Defense, Taekwondo and sparring techniques. You are guaranteed the highest level of instruction and the fastest possible progress towards your martial art goals.

Graduation fees: The program is progressive, using belt promotions as the strong motivator to measure learning. Student show their progress in the art of Taekwondo by the color of the belt they wear. Belt tests reveal how students react under pressure and their progression. The graduation fees covers Belt testing, Certificate, New belt, Board Breaking, Awards, Trophies, Rank sponsorship certification through the World Taekwondo Federation in Korea. Our school belt level progression is the student’s number ONE motivator that helps them track their accomplishments just as passing a grade tracks your child school progress, or as a promotion helps tracks your life goals at work! Goals you SET – Goals you GET!

In our school, Taekwondo goes far beyond teaching our students personal goal-setting. We work hard with your child to develop these priceless skills and hopefully see them put them into practice at home, in school, and everywhere they go. Yes, “You Can Make A Difference” (school motto) everywhere you go!

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