When you want something strongly enough, a dream burns in your heart, and you will know no limitation. We are here for you! If your child is going home or going to school, anxious, defensive, aggressive, or shutdown because of a painful situation he/she is not sharing, you must stop what you are doing and find their lost feeling ( or maybe she/he is being bullied – you must do something before the bulling is taken to a different level. Preparing our students is our priority because bullying may not stop at the playground, but the bully graduates from high school and moves on to the work force and then the cycle starts again. STOP! Here is where Yong In Taigon Taekwondo have been visited by thousands of parents from Lake Stevens, WA who want to instill character traits and skills for life in their children. Today’s investments in our program will be tomorrows’ peace of mind for you and your child, today, tomorrow, and future. Connect with your child using this spectacular martial arts opportunity to bring him/or her into our school to experience and be a part of the amazing walk of the next thousands martial artist practitioners! Taekwondo focus on physical fitness and personal development, self confidence, self esteem, perseverance, self defense, it brings the leader in your child and much more! Our instructors are professionally trained and certified from the Kukkiwon, Korea Taekwondo Headquarters.
Experience Taigon Taekwondo classesExperience Taigon Taekwondo

The easy path is to take no risks, face no defeats, and practice only what you believe works best. However; real training is about sweating, trying new moves and techniques. So, leave your ego at the door, be respectful of others, share your positive student attitude, train hard, try different ways to improve in your techniques and see what really works for you.

Here is a breakdown on the teaching skills we will be working:

1. Focus-through drills and forms
2. Teamwork-how to cooperate with others
3. Control- controlling your mind, body, and strength
4. Balance- balance training
5. Memory- perform structure combination of forms or techniques
6. Discipline- reinforcing the importance of following rules
7. Fitness- building strength and cardiovascular endurance
8. Coordination- left from right, performing multiple physical tasks

Teens/Adults program benefits:
•Teaches confidence so teens/Adults are less apt to be pressured by peers
•Teaches leadership so teens/Adults will have the courage to blaze their own trail
•Teaches respect so teens/Adults can learn to appreciate others
•Teaches self-esteem so teens/Adults will take better care of themselves
•Teaches to resist peer pressure (for adults pressure at work)

Participating in Taekwondo classes can be an extremely helpful form of therapy when going through difficult family problems, family separation, post traumatic stress, anxiety, being bullied at school, child is shy, or just wanting to learn leadership skills. One of the things that makes training in martial arts so unique, compared to basketball, football, or other sports is that it requires a high level of mental strength and endurance in a difficult or painful situation. Participants must have a sharp memory to recall the pattern of movements called forms featured in each belt level. It teaches the importance of perseverance and commitment. Our Taekwondo beginner program does just that. It gives you an introduction to many of the most popular taekwondo kicks and techniques of self defense, and introduces you to the form patterns. We live in a society that reports 80% of chronic disease are caused by stress! Yes, and stress not only attacks but takes over long enough to disrupt our peace, thinking, and breathing. Our program teaches kids and adults to release all that tension and prepare the body and mind to work together for exercise and fun; and remember that a black belt is simply the white belt who never quit.

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