Below you will be able to find the ethical rules of martial arts, the student creed, and general Korean taekwondo information

Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy – Courtesy encompasses duties and responsibilities towards those people with whom one has direct contact. It is the expressed respect towards to brothers and sisters, parents, teachers, neighbors and peers. Being courteous and polite allows the martial artist to live in harmony with others and to get along with people of all walks of life.

Integrity – Integrity is honesty to yourself and how you interact with others. To earn the trust and respect of others, one must honestly represent oneself at all times. People with integrity fulfill promises they make to others as well as to themselves. Students with integrity are trustworthy.

Perseverance – Perseverance is inward focus and drive to improve oneself, and be successful. This first requires the courage to honestly assess one’s strong point and shortcoming. Secondly, one must believe that improving these flaws is possible. Finally, to succeed and keep up with the task, the task is broken down into smaller goals, to continue progress in spite of difficulties.

Indomitable Spirit – Indomitable Spirit may seem to be a repeat of perseverance, but it runs deeper, it never quit. It is the determination to reach your goals. It embraces self-discipline and the absolute best efforts because their goals are important. Indomitable spirit is courage that overcomes fears to confidently reach your goal. Always put confidence in your decisions and fulfill your identity (who you truly are)

Self Control – Self-control is patience. Patience with yourself and with what you expect of yourself as well as patience with others and what you expect from them. Self-control is required to be patient in shaky situations and prevent possible physical injury to oneself and the others. People with self-control don’t rely on others to determine their behavior and whether they’re good at something. Self-Control also contributes to the improvement of students in everyday life in areas such as work, school, and social interaction.

The Ethical Rules of Martial Arts

• Loyalty to the nation
• Obedience to parents
Loyalty to your friends
• Never retreat in battle
• Always keep justice

The Student Creed

1. I will discipline my mind and body to develop my skills to my fullest potential.

2. I shall use my skills only in self-defense and to protect my family and community.

3. Skills, wisdom and goodness are my ultimate commitment.

This is a Black-Belt school. We are dedicated. We are motivated. We are on a quest to be our best.