Children learning to train mind and body to work together in self defense!
Taekwondo is well known for its ability to develop discipline in young people. This child (Christina Derry) is learning to develop her mind and body to work together to develop her skills in self defense. While we try to make classes fun and exciting, there will be times when learning Taekwondo requirements is just plain work. This is where self discipline will gradually develop through practice, repetition and memorization. Discipline is used throughout the course in the form of bowing, saying “yes, sir” and “no, sir”, standing at attention, and working through drills and forms. Moreover, because your child will begin to concentrate on performing Taekwondo techniques, we will in effect train his mind to have the ability to focus on other required tasks. You will see an increase in attention span and ability to concentrate. Taekwondo should be practice at least 10 minutes at home and it should be light and fun, never made to be drudgery or critical. Also, self discipline will involve the control of emotions and behavior in class and at the dojang.

We encourage the parents to help the child set the goal for that month and then bring them to class at least two times a week for the instructor to help them achieve their goal. As you know, we need to work together in helping your child be prepare for setting and achieving their black belt goal one belt at a time. This will create a routine for your child to understand that they need to study and do the necessary to be able to achieve goals in other areas of life as they get older (educational goals, career goals, personal goals, etc.)

Every activity you will see during a class session has a definite purpose. While the students are having fun with games and relays, they are unknowingly developing motor skills appropriate for their age. This will include coordination skills, right and left side development, flexibility, muscle strength, timing, speed drills, balance, rolling, jumping, throwing, catching, mobility skills, etc. Even though some activities may not directly be Taekwondo, all will contribute to the Taekwondo techniques being developed. In addition, Taekwondo training is one of the best sports for overall development that will have benefits transfer-able to other sports.

Our testing requirement for most students will test between 2 – 4 months according to the time required for their belt level, knowledge, mental and physical preparation to take the test. For the consistent student, Black Belt testing can be attained after about 3 to 5 years of training. Again, parents’ involvement, helping with practice, can give a big boost to a child’s training. Please remember to keep practice light and fun. Children learn best when learning in a fun and positive environment; then again, who am I kidding – adults too!