Stranger Danger

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Hey Parents,
So glad you are still with us. Just a reminder to make sure to tell your kids practice , practice, practice a lot before they go for testing. 🙂
The same way we practice, remind them about stranger danger during short trips vacations to keep an eye open.
This means that it they notice something strange about a person either overly nice with them they should tell you!

Also, I recommend that you observe how they walk when they are outside with others, read their body language and sit down with them about what you have observed.
See if your child make eye contact with you? Do they show that they will fight back if someone attacks them or that they are timid? Ask them what they would do if a
stranger ask them what time is it? Ask them for money? or even directions? Do they act confused, overwhelmed with the question, or have a relaxed alertness?
Would they continue walking alone when two men are walking towards them unaware of the potential danger approaching? These are just a few points to keep in mind.
We are going to summer break, please tell kids about stranger danger especially if you are going CAMPING lots of strangers in one area and your kids needs to be smart
and aware to stay close and physically visible to you. Ok Have a wonderful week and 4th July weekend!

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