TINY TAIGONS PROGRAM- Ages 3-6 years old

Ages 3 years old intellectually are like a sponge, they are very new to the world and if we can get them emotionally excited about what they are doing, they will stick with the program. Socially, they are learning to understand how to act and react towards others. If one child does something in class, they will follow if the other child is getting attention. Physically, they are limited in technique and ability, but will try to take on any physical task that does not seem intimidating. they believe they are capable of doing much more than they really can. For that reason, we only have a few awesome 3 years old.

The 4 years olds intellectually they understand commands better therefore can follow directions more carefully than 3-year olds. Emotionally, they become confident about their growth and development, therefore they will pay attention more clearly. Socially, they enjoy competition with others so they won’t act out of line as much when they are working in teams. Physically, they are beginning to be less reckless and can take on harder challenges and they love it!

The 5 and 6-year olds intellectually they have out of bounds behavior because they begin to think too much. Emotionally, they fluctuate between positive and negative. They desire a sense of independence (wanting to do what they want to do) more than any other age group. Socially, they are at the age where they now have “best friends”. They understand the importance of cooperation and fitting in, so they tend to follow the rules more than younger children. They also put themselves in the adult mind frame where they like to have responsibilities. Physically, they are beginning to look like athletes moving fast and slow without falling out of control. They are learning their left from their right, therefore practicing and training in repetitions is more enjoyable because they can follow directions without needing so much help or assistance.

Here are the 8 fundamental skills your child will learn:

Taekwondo drills

There are 4 belts for the Tiny Taigons. They get tested every 3 months.

Yellow Belt Stripe
Blue Belt Stripe
Red Belt Stripe
Black Belt Stripe


Mondays & Wednesdays: 5:00pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3:30pm

Fridays: 3:40pm (Tiny Taigons sparring for red belt stripe and black belt stripe only)

Thank you for your interest in our Tiny Taigon program. Please, make sure to make an appointment first to set up a one on one private lesson before enrolling into the program. You are welcome to stop by and watch any of our classes. No appointment is necessary to watch. :o) We hope to meet your child soon. Have a great day! The Masters