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Play to Learn – Learn to Grow with the little’s people master – The Great Master Kim! Ask for a free class today. 🙂
Yong In Taigon Taekwondo is a school where kind hearts think alike. We inspire a life of creativity and success in your child.

Congratulations in making the best decision in your life to significantly enhance your child’s growth and development. You have chosen the best taekwondo school in town that knows how to inspire your child’s creativity. We will give your child tons of fun, ideas, love, hugs, sweaty training, and lots of self confidence. Your child in return will have a lot to share and maybe “teach you” their super martial arts moves. All we know is that, as soon as your child puts on the martial arts uniform he/she will feel like a super hero. So, don’t underestimate your little one because some of these children have grown up to be black belts before age 7! Their journey has lots of rewards.

Our basic program allows you to attend at least 2 times a week (White belts thru Blue belt stripe) and 3 times a week when your child becomes red belt stripe (At about 6 months of training as a red belt stripe the child can attend sparring classes on Fridays). Your one month introductory trial includes a free uniform (value $55). Our tuition ranges from $135 to $149 per month depending on the program you choose, no annual membership fees because we are an “Educational facility” that focus in bringing the best in your child.
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TinyTaigons Pushups
This program focus on building your child capabilities as they advance into the program testing approximately every 3 months for their new color belt stripe based on the following:

1) Balance – Help the child master the skill of balance through increments of balance training exercises that increases in intensity at each new belt.

2) Coordination – Teach the child their left from right and how to perform multiple physical tasks while maintaining good attitude without loosing balance.

3) Teamwork – Teach the child how to cooperate with others on various exercises, drills, and waiting their turn.

4) Focus – Teach the child how to focus with their mind and body.

5) Memory – Challenges the child’s memory by requiring to perform a structure combination of martial arts techniques and patterns for their age group.

6) Control – Teach the child how to respond, how to have control of their strength, body, and mind when doing their drills

7) Discipline – For a small price you are investing in your child’s discipline as we continue to reinforce the importance of following rules, maintaining good behavior, showing respect to parents, being thankful when someone do something for them, being respectful all the times….etc

8) Fitness – Help your child be expose to exercises and activities that build strength and cardiovascular endurance.

We proudly celebrate 13 Years as the leading provider of martial arts classes for this age group in the beautiful Lake Stevens area. Our Tae Kwon Do Tiny Taigons program teaches Martial Arts skills from the children program such as: blocks, kicks, chops, punches and a whole lot more!

Classes are disciplined yet fun and enriching, while teaching essential listening skills, attention, respect, body control, and answering properly. So, if your child has the attention span of a week old puppy or your child needs something “awesome” – then these classes are perfect!

Our Master instructors have special training dealing with young children. At Yong In Taigon Taekwondo your preschooler will be in a class with kids their own age and having fun in a safe environment. Our members love this program and have a lot of fun watching their kids “perform!” That is why we invite you to drop by at any class if you like and enjoy the super show. If you had a hard day, come and watch a class because these kids will lift your spirit up with their smiley faces, big arm muscle mania doing pushups, and impressive efforts to stand in the class to be their BEST!

To give your child the opportunity to start his/her martial arts experience in one of our age specific program just call us at (425) 397-0405 to schedule a FREE private lesson and a FREE class before enrolling in the basic training program.