Yon in tiagon taekwondo lake stevens

taekwondo kid in ready position

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  • Everyone – Develop the confidence it takes to tackle any challenge, gain the skills necessary for protection.
  • Parents –  Lose weight, sharpen your mind and body, learn to protect yourself and your family
  • Kids – Develop self discipline, confidence, and listen better to parents

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Are you considering the art of Taekwondo for you or your child? I would like to invite you or your child to try a free class on Wednesdays or Thursdays click here to check age specific class: Age Specific Class Schedule 🙂

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Pre-school children Taekwondo physical fitness program click here: Children Ages 3-6 years old

Building character on Children Taekwondo physical fitness & self defense program click here: Children ages 7-11 years old

Teenagers and Adults Taekwondo physical fitness program click here: Teens and Adults programs
Our program are packed with activities that helps your child improve their health, balance, posture, speed, focus better, pay attention, share with others, teamwork and cooperation, giving feedback, self confidence, self control, self esteem, help others overcome their fears, prepare your child to assume class leadership roles, learning to respect their peers and seniors, stand up for what is right, and be a friend not a bully, etc…. . Taekwondo is an investment that you can immediately thank yourself when you see your child glow with a thankful attitude . Can you put a price to your piece of mind or your child safety? I know I can’t. That is why more and more parents are choosing to enroll their kids in our Taekwondo School of self defense. When you visit us and take a free class, you will understand how you and your family can become a part of making a difference in our community and the world around us. Join us and start making a difference TODAY.

Read what parents are saying about Yong In Taigon Taekwondo business: Why Yong In Taigon Taekwondo School of Self Defense

See what other people are saying about Yong-in Taigon Taekwondo in Lake Stevens. Parents love us as much as the kids.

  • Since enrolled in this wonderful school, my son has gained focus and self confidence that has dramatically changed his life for the better at home and at school.–Shane Oden

  • Master Kim, especially, is very methodical in her teaching. She is one of the best martial art instructors that I have trained with. –Cuong Le

  • My son started training here and loves it. The teachers are wonderful, and his confidence and discipline has grown since he has been here.–Jodi Drew