Huracan Irma

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On behalf of Yong In Taigon Taekwondo Masters and Staff, we would like to express how heartbroken we feel for all those who are suffering in Texas, and those who have suffered from the recent Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and USA. I know that most of us have friends and family who have been impacted. We asked that you keep everyone in your prayers. Just one thought and prayer at a time will make its way to bless them, somehow and somewhere if you believe. Thanks.

This year we have been experiences damaging air quality here in WA State and nearby states due to fires, while other parts of the earth have been dealing with earthquakes, cyclones, volcanos and tsunamis. I was just thinking how good life is until commodities are taken away from us. Thank God that everyday a wonderful child is born to choose to make a difference on this world by enlisting in a profession that will one day save the life of people – perhaps the life of your own child. We have many men of valor fighting for us like firefighters fighting building and forest fires, providing quick emergency medical assistance and aiding victims. How about police officers doing a job that is quite as dangerous as firefighters laying their lives on the line for public service. Did you know that a cop is killed every 58 hours! Keep in mind our doctors and medical personnel that have to leave their family in a flash to work long hours in case of serious life threatening emergencies. Even flying is no longer safe (Remember Sep 11) flight attendants risking their lives not knowing if they will return home safe. Every day, everywhere, school teachers go out to school not knowing if the school is a safe place or not for them to teach. Never before in our times did we have to worry about sending our children to school for fear of being shot or kill. What about our military? How do we honor the men and women who have taken the oath to serve our country and the American people. They risk their lives everyday, and most of them don’t get to enjoy a retirement because they come home in boxes or with PTSD. We have servicemen in all branches of military defending the United States of America and the welfare of others as well our country’s freedom.

All in all, I just wanted to say to all of you out there: THANK YOU!

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