MARTIAL ARTS SUMMER CAMP 2017 (Limit 10 people) Ages 6 thru 16.

Dates for 2017

(Mon – Fri 9:00am – 3:00pm)
June – 26th – 30th
July 17 – 21st
Aug 7th – 11th

COST: $199 per person
COST: $189 2nd person

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm
First come first serve!
Attention Families:

Are your kids destined to have the same old summer camp experience? Don’t let that happen! “TAIGON Taekwondo Summer Camp” will be an Amazing educational and enjoyable experience for your child! Make your reservation TODAY! There are so many exciting educational games and activities, including lots of both indoor and outdoor games designed to enhance cooperation, develop a positive attitude while having FUN, teamwork, and leadership skills.The Arts and Crafts are designed to be age appropriate and will help develop fine motor skills, teamwork, and creativity as well as the joy of accomplishment. From the scavenger hunts to architecture projects, everyone is sure to have a GREAT time on this summer camp. Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm, please call when we are on field trip because we might not be at the dojang until 4pm. • Some of the Discussion topics: preparing for personal goal setting, attitude, school yard bullying, and teamwork.

Week long Day Camps for girls and boys – Let your child be a “Super Hero” this summer!

• Their Taekwondo class
• Snohomish library trip
• Offensive and Defensive Specialty Clinics
• Basic Nunchaku moves
• Martial arts Soccer
• Martial arts Softball
• Martial arts Hockey
• Hiking
• Art work, Science project, and origami work …
• Everett Theater Movie (fee)
• Miniature golf (fee)
• Bowling (fee)
• Reptile museum (fee)
• Lynnwood Olympic pool (fee)

Children must bring a lunch bag, snack, juice or water, and dobok.
Depending on the schedule bring your nun-chuk, swimwear, towel, good book to read on downtime (30 minutes)