SUMMER classes starts Mon & Wed at 11:00am -11:45am

July 11th thru October 31st
Taekwondo focus on physical fitness and personal development, self confidence, self esteem, perseverance, self defense, brings the leader in your child and much more!
August 2017 taigon taekwondo calendar
2016 Class Schedule Taigon Taekwondo
INCLEMENT WEATHER REPORT: When a decision is made to close schools because of bad weather or the threat of bad weather,based on these road reports as well as weather reports from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA),AND Local television and radio stations also broadcast the information of inclement weather then our SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED.The safety of OUR students is our highest priority. You can make up for miss classes later when the weather permits. So, relax, have a cup of hot chocolate, stay warm and pray!
Yong In Taigon Taekwondo Calendar:

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Events in August 2017

  • National Night Out Against Crime

  • Color Belt Testing Sat, Aug 26th

  • Untitled Event