Your child “Can Make A Difference” at Yong In Taigon Taekwondo where classes are fun and exciting for your kids!
Taekwondo focus on physical fitness and personal development, self confidence, self esteem, perseverance, self defense, and self control!

The Beginners Program Relieve Stress and Increase Your Child Energy Level!

Training at Taigon Taekwondo is a proven stress buster. That feel good work-out will make your child feel better and smile more not to mention that it will help them sleep deeply to promote a healthier peaceful mind. We provide an ENJOYABLE, SAFE, FRIENDLY atmosphere where your child can learn practical self defense techniques, build their cardiovascular system, increase muscle mass, burn calories, and increase their energy levels to accomplish their homework and be successful. We help our children bring the natural desire to learn, to want to enjoy a better life with family and friends through our martial arts program.

Our basic program allows you to attend at least 2 times a week (White belts thru Orange belts) and 3 times a week when you are a green belt (After about 5 months of training you will be invited to sparring classes on Fridays). Your one month introductory trial includes a free uniform (value $55). Our tuition ranges from $135 to $149 per month depending on the program you choose, no first time registration fees, no annual membership fees because we are an “Educational facility” that focus in bringing the best in your child.
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We understand that to be successful your child have to learn to overcome obstacles by not giving up on the task at hand (school work). To accomplish any goal, your child must keep going in the program to learn to achieve success, and dig deep in his/her heart the value of his/her character that will shape his/her future. If you let your child give up on small principles of discipline, they will not understand the value of building from small commitment to greater commitments. Our program will teach your child overcome obstacles and the value of success through honesty, responsibility, and commitment at every belt level. Together, we can help your child feel trustworthy, safe, and successful at any developmental stage. If you are new to martial arts programs, participating in Taekwondo classes can be an extremely helpful form of therapy when going through difficult family problems, separation, post traumatic stress, anxiety, being bullied at school, child is shy, or just wanting to learn social and leadership skills.

Once your child has been in the program a 3-5 months, they will start gaining an understanding why goal setting is important and why they must train (work hard) consistently to be prepare for:

• Better manners
• Self-discipline
• Goal-setting skills
• Time-management skills
• Leadership skills
• Study skills
• Improved behavior
• Concentration and focus
• Perseverance and Self Confidence
• Reduced Stress and Anxiety
• Better posture, balance, strength, agility, speed
• Stranger danger, safety, bully proof

We are so proud of our taekwondo students and it is such an honor when we receive our children report cards with A+ and B+ grades. These grades are possible because in Taekwondo we teach our children to focus, concentrate, and listen without worrying to what is been taught. Moreover, our staff’ encouragement will help your children discover their interests, passions, strengths, and goals.

Question: What if!!!! I have Taekwondo experience but my taekwondo style is different than the Olympic style? Do I keep my belt level? Don’t worry – Be happy! You will learn that any style is a good style. We are equally driven to providing our students with the best experience possible that enhance the mind and body. Just keep working hard, and don’t give up in your learning and studying of Taekwondo. BE passionate of what you love doing – and believe you too can have success and become a black belt in any style. Don’t give up. This road is like the road of life that shows you its ups and downs, its constant changes and adaptation to situations as they flow. Keep your focus in your goal, and learn to overcome every mountain through your dedicated work. Remember, you are building self confidence through your training that will carry over to all aspect of your life. Our instructors are professionally trained and certified from the Kukkiwon, Korea Taekwondo Headquarters. Our curriculum integrates hapkido & self-defense skills at all belt levels. We promise to make your journey to achieve your black belt Fun, Exciting, Educational, and a Memorable one!

To give your child the opportunity to start his/her martial arts experience in one of our age specific program just call us at (425) 397-0405 to schedule a FREE private lesson and a FREE class before enrolling in the basic program.