Huracan Irma

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On behalf of Yong In Taigon Taekwondo Masters and Staff, we would like to express how heartbroken we feel for all those who are suffering in Texas, and those who have suffered from the recent Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and USA. I know that most of us have friends and family who have been impacted. We asked that you keep everyone in your prayers. Just one thought and prayer at a time will make its way to bless them, somehow and somewhere if you believe. Thanks.

This year we have been experiences damaging air quality here in WA State and nearby states due to fires, while other parts of the earth have been dealing with earthquakes, cyclones, volcanos and tsunamis. I was just thinking how good life is until commodities are taken away from us. Thank God that everyday a wonderful child is born to choose to make a difference on this world by enlisting in a profession that will one day save the life of people – perhaps the life of your own child. We have many men of valor fighting for us like firefighters fighting building and forest fires, providing quick emergency medical assistance and aiding victims. How about police officers doing a job that is quite as dangerous as firefighters laying their lives on the line for public service. Did you know that a cop is killed every 58 hours! Keep in mind our doctors and medical personnel that have to leave their family in a flash to work long hours in case of serious life threatening emergencies. Even flying is no longer safe (Remember Sep 11) flight attendants risking their lives not knowing if they will return home safe. Every day, everywhere, school teachers go out to school not knowing if the school is a safe place or not for them to teach. Never before in our times did we have to worry about sending our children to school for fear of being shot or kill. What about our military? How do we honor the men and women who have taken the oath to serve our country and the American people. They risk their lives everyday, and most of them don’t get to enjoy a retirement because they come home in boxes or with PTSD. We have servicemen in all branches of military defending the United States of America and the welfare of others as well our country’s freedom.

All in all, I just wanted to say to all of you out there: THANK YOU!


Do you have Black Belt Plans?

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Everyone I meet wished they could have taken any type of martial arts at some point in their life when they where young. I sort of smile when they said “young”.
You see, we all wish to try martial arts but that just the talk part of a personal dream before you start working on it and take action! I believe that if you really want something, and you feel very strongly about accomplishing that something – you will draw ALL your attention and efforts to do it and get it. When I was 15 years old a friend was doing some martial arts stuff and I immediately loved it. My mom didn’t have the resources so eventually I quit, but my heart kept burning for years in the background. Later, I joined the military and moved on to something else (play military sports) until another day I met another martial artist. Don’t we always say this world is small? It seemed like they weren’t many around me but I kept stumping into one here and there. You see, every person is like a door, or maybe a match ready to lit your flame back again if you re-visit the dream. I started thinking again getting my black belt (I started thinking lets finish the job I started when I was 15 years old). It wasn’t easy since I put a lot of mental limitations on myself, which delayed my journey. I took many risks at my own expense paying a Korean master 3 years in full and the same week the signed on his door said evicted – out of business. You will think I will quit after that – uh? So much for the tenets. However; that big obstacle motivated me even more to go for my black belt. It seemed that when I wanted something the tables will turned against me. That was not only a tough circumstance but also a mental one I had to overcome without a coach. How could I give up on my black belt dream. Lots of people were saying join co-ed this or this other woman sport. I couldn’t.

My mind was set, and I knew what I wanted so I decided to give it a try to another school to get my black belt. I talked with Master Richards (now to help me achieve my goal. I explained to him what happened during my interview to join his school. I am so glad I didn’t give up. The martial arts experience was as rewarding as my military career. I made a lot of friends, and with each belt testing my commitment to my black belt grew stronger and stronger. You see I don’t credit luck for my success getting my first black belt, I know that if I stick to the plan I will see my reward and my reward was based on hard work, perseverance, believe in myself, never give up, never quit, and keeping the I can do it attitude.

Do you think a person is a dreamer if year after year he/she never dreams a dream? Can you become a black belt by simply dreaming about it? A good dream is a thought in action waiting for you to give it a purpose in your life. Once you act on it you give it life, you walk on the path of the warrior, of self confidence, of knowing yourself and others better, and knowing that you are not a lone warrior – we are many walking next to you not because the world is small but because you arrived at a place where you can see all of us everywhere! I had a dream to follow and it changed my whole life! I hope you don’t give up in your dreams to become a black belt. The road will have its ups and down, but those same ups and downs will teach you to overcome obstacles and help your walk in life be more amazing with amazing people. Don’t give up, we all go through stuff, forgive, forget, and move on like moving water 🙂


Stranger Danger

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Hey Parents,
So glad you are still with us. Just a reminder to make sure to tell your kids practice , practice, practice a lot before they go for testing. 🙂
The same way we practice, remind them about stranger danger during short trips vacations to keep an eye open.
This means that it they notice something strange about a person either overly nice with them they should tell you!

Also, I recommend that you observe how they walk when they are outside with others, read their body language and sit down with them about what you have observed.
See if your child make eye contact with you? Do they show that they will fight back if someone attacks them or that they are timid? Ask them what they would do if a
stranger ask them what time is it? Ask them for money? or even directions? Do they act confused, overwhelmed with the question, or have a relaxed alertness?
Would they continue walking alone when two men are walking towards them unaware of the potential danger approaching? These are just a few points to keep in mind.
We are going to summer break, please tell kids about stranger danger especially if you are going CAMPING lots of strangers in one area and your kids needs to be smart
and aware to stay close and physically visible to you. Ok Have a wonderful week and 4th July weekend!


Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

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Are we there yet? The answer is no, I don’t think so. Just because you celebrate another birthday doesn’t mean that you are old enough to escape the responsibility of tomorrow. You have given birth to the 12 tribes of Judah (6 girls + 6 boys) My mother have been tested all her life, and she continues to overcome every obstacle. I am amazed how she geared her mental focus and her physical fitness on those days when we were children and she came home very tired from walking hills and non paved roads to sell her products. She was overwhelmed with her daily tasks, trapped in poverty and love. I thank God for always been there for all of us and always providing for my single mom. Our childhood toys & games were caps, bottles, rocks, jacks, hit a rock with a stick and run the bases (lol), hide and seek, run for your life, and things that didn’t cost much money. We never had a telephone but we did have a small black and white television. At the end of the year, with her good credit and a few dimes saved my mom always look forward for Three Kings day (Christmas in Puerto Rico)! It was amazing to receive real toys every year. We were so thankful. My mother’s joy was to see us collecting grass in a box to thank the 3 kings, and put a glass of water under our beds for the camels to eat and drink during their visit to bring us our real toys. She told us later how she will get up scattered the grass on the floor and some water to make us believe the camels ate and drank the water. My mother said that to see our faces was the best Christmas’ gift she received all year round. Those moments still linger in my mind as the best years of my life, the best toys and stories of my life. Now days, kids received exuberant toys all year round and then destroy them. Is it necessary? Did that gift helped your child better his/her character? behavior? attitude? or learned a lesson about responsibility or discipline? Were they even thankful?

If you are a baby boomer like me, and you had a positive childhood you can still find ways to work something out that will work. You know that just because one fail at something doesn’t mean that is the end of it. If you persist at changing something, you will turn the table around because that is what we call change of attitude. Keep trying finding ways until something work for you and your family. Don’t allow your child or the child in you stop your power to change and attain the goals (and life) that you have set for yourself and your family. Learn to happily achieve your goals and keep a close eye at what you do. Who knows if you may live 80 years or a hundredth!

p.s. I recommend if you are not 60 years old yet – join our school to learn the steps you need to know to reach your goals. 🙂 See you and your child on the mat!


Responsibility who is it?

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Just a reminder, as everyone knows this but we tend to forget that when we were children we did look up to adults at home, school, martial arts schools, friends, and the list goes on and on on who can help us understand and accept responsibility in all that we did as we were children.

Remember to:
a) Assign responsibility gradually to your kids- Here in our school we do this through belt rank learning the terminology, forms and self defense techniques, teaching them to care for their uniform and belt, personal hygiene, carry their own uniform and belt, sparring gear,making sure they wait on off the mat for their class, etc..But, at home you can help them by giving them home chores for them to do (put away laundry, help clean the house, set the table, help with the pets,make sure uniform is clean not stinky.., etc.)

b) Teach your child about choices and consequences- As you already know learning depends in the choices we make. Once your child decides to do Taekwondo (or any sport) help them learn about responsibility and do their part until an acceptable understanding of responsibility has been achieved. I know you don’t wait till the last minute to make your child do his homework, chores duties, or to show them discipline or respect. Help them understand by using examples in your life so they can understand that once they have make a choice to do something they must invest the time and commitment, and hold them responsible to help them make acceptable choices. Not their ways – Not your ways, but an acceptable choice where both of you can agree.

c) If your child wants to participate in 3-4 sports at a time don’t jump right in and try to enroll him without giving him advice. Remember, don’t try to be his rescue ranger all the time he cannot longer participate in all of them because he is too tired due to many sports. He will be too tired to do homework, study for good grades, and becomes stressed out. Keep it simple, by allowing him understand his part of responsibility for his actions, and that he needs to have a plan where first things come first not last. Here is an example.

Daily to do list
Personal hygiene
Mom proper interchange words of love & wisdom
Sport Activity

*HOMEWORK* right after
–maybe 30 minutes – 1 hour electronics)
Mom proper interchange words of love & wisdom
Good sleep


WTF Taekwondo Instructor

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WANTED: ADULT Taekwondo Instructor
Minimum Rank: 2 Dan (Certified by Kukkiwon)
Language: English
Driver License and Transportation required
Must be at least 21 years old
Experience: 1 year teaching adults & Children
Forms: WTF Taekguks
Background investigation will be required before start.
You must pass 2 interviews.
First Interview with: Master Kim
Second Interview will be conducted by: Master Santiago (owner)

Start: ASAP
Pay: DOE

Contact: CALL TODAY (425) 397-0405 or send us an EMAIL at: m y t k d m a s t e r @ h o t m a i l . c o m


In honor of a martial arts friend

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If you have trained or have enrolled your child in martial arts, I am sure that you can identify with what Master Huddleston is talking about:

Master Todd Huddleston knows what martial arts training can do to change a child’s life because he knows what it did for him.
One of the biggest misconceptions parents have about allowing their children to study martial arts, Master Huddleston said, is that they will become more prone to violent outbursts. Actually, among the fundamentals of the sport are respect, focus and self-control.

“Right off the bat, that’s what we tell the kids – ‘This is what we need to do,’” Master Huddleston said. “We’re teaching in the classroom the things that parents aren’t able to achieve at home. We teach the difference between right and wrong things.”

Huddleston says sometimes parents can be a part of the problem, raising children with a sense of entitlement.

“I see too many parents doing too many things for their children,” Master Huddleston said. “When I was a kid, I had to carry my own gear bag. Now, their parents are carrying the bags and it’s almost like they’re a slave. Let’s say a student forgets his belt. He’ll say, ‘My mom forgot.’ I’ll tell him, ‘No, you forgot it.’ I’m tired of seeing parents bend over backwards for their children. These are hard lessons. One of the great things about my position is that I can be the guy in authority. I’m not their friend or their buddy. I am their martial arts instructor.”

In this video game era, where some children exercise their thumbs much more than their minds or the rest of their bodies, Master Huddleston said martial arts demands discipline and hard work, and as students progress by attaining high-rated belts, “they learn that if they put forth the effort and work at it, they can achieve it.”

Yonsei offers year-round classes in various martial arts disciplines, but the summer is a time when children have extra time to give it a try. “In the summertime we can offer shorter programs for parents to try it out, and if the kids like the program, maybe they’ll continue,” Master Huddleston said.

Usually, every new student starts at the beginner’s level – taking two, 45-minute classes a week – until they get in better shape and advance. Master Huddleston has taught special needs children, as well.

“If they allow the program to do what it’s designed to do, you will get results,” Master Huddleston said.

R.I.P. Martial Artist Master Huddleston, died in a motorcycle accident 5 February 2017. He was the owner of Yonsei Martial Arts Academy, located at Kenner, LA.
I met him and trained with him at my old Taekwondo school about 20 years ago, and was amazed at his disciplined and achievements. The world of Tan Soo Do has lost a great martial artist.


Jerusalem – Living Bread Church

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Not so good news this time, the location of the Living Bread church in Jerusalem was destroyed. We pray that the Lord will help our church be rebuilt by your goodness and love so everyone will know the way of the Lord and walk on his pathways. May you make a great blessing out of this situation and bless our friend Pastor Karen with wisdom and knowledge in how to handle this situation. Lord you are in control. Lord your will will be done on earth. You have the keys to the great city of the new Jerusalem, and those keys you have placed on her right hand as you place the staff on Moses hand to lead your people. Please, consider make a donation to help us rebuilt our church in Jerusalem. Thank you, and like Pastor Karen says: Deuteronomy 1:11  “May the Lord, the God of your Fathers, increase you a thousand-fold more than you are and bless you, just as He promised you!”

Jerusalem Living Bread Church Destroyed 🙁

This is her story, a lease battle because one of the landlords wants to break a 20 years lease agreement to built a mosque. Pastor Karen says, “A little over a year ago these same militants tried to beat me to death and left me in front of the church. When we caught them digging outside under the church they threatened to kill us all. I was like a prisoner in the church for over 5 months. God did an amazing deliverance. Now, the militants are back!
They took all our personal items, musical instruments, camera equipment, and computers. They burnt our bibles and made huge fires with our personal items from the church.

Please pray for Hussam, Alaa, and the other militants. We release unconditional forgiveness and ask the Lord to keep us in the love of Christ that helps us conquer all in these difficult times. Releasing love and forgiveness into those with hell in their hearts can change even the city.

Our eyes are on Him, we thank Him for letting us suffer for the Gospel, and we rejoice we have lost everything.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support,
Pastor Karen”

JERUSALEM church destroyed

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Protecting children privacy

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It’s time to have the talk with your child. You peeked at their browser history and, well, it’s time. It’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable for both of you, and things have changed a lot since you were that age. But better to hear it from a parent than learn it from a stranger or God-knows-who online.
No, not that talk. It’s time to discuss online privacy with your kids.

Click this link to direct you to Protecting Children Privacy: protecting children privacy

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