School Pet
Woof, anything is possible if you believe! Hello, my name is Princess. I believe that a black belt is the symbol of outstanding achievement in the martial arts. My master said that it show your honesty, sweat, dedication, strength, power, perseverance, and confidence. Wear it proudly. Remember nothing is impossible if you believe. I believed it and I DID IT! YOU can do it too 🙂

The Journey of a Black Belt
Are you an “honorable athlete”? Let’s find out. An honorable athlete is someone who can be coached, someone who accepts responsibility for his or her actions, and someone who is willing to work hard to become better. An honorable athlete is a truly dedicated person who has the drive to overcome obstacles. An honorable athlete also is a great student, one who is ready, willing, able to take direction from their master or instructor. In the Martial Arts, the true honorable athletes stand out from the rest because they keep their white belt motivation through the ranks.
Today, you have found a new goal: Black Belt, and I say to you: Yes You Can! Once you have found your goal start on your road, but despite the obstacles you meet on the way never, never, never give up. The secret of life isn’t really what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.

Same thing with your mental happiness increases as you give happiness out, and decreases as you try to keep all the joy for yourself. In giving it out, you will accumulate a deposit of joy greater than you ever believed possible. Remember the only mountains that exist in you, are the ones in the mind. Once you remove those, “then its all good.” Give life all you have got – and life will give all it has to you. Remember that success is doing the things that others are not willing to do. So, continue to strive for the attainment of knowledge in various different things and the search to reach your fullest potential simply through faith and dedication, and remember that attitude determines your next move where you will stand in life. Enjoy the journey and keep an eye on your destination!

There may be instances during class when the material or techniques are difficult to learn. This can be discouraging and may make you re-think your ability to achieve Black Belt. But every Black Belt has had to overcome these obstacles, and you can too. If you are having trouble, see your instructor as soon as possible. Often, a little one-on-one advice can go a long way. Again, practicing at home or with a fellow student can also make the learning process quicker or easier. Here’s a simple tip I learned during training that you can also try: teaching! When you break down a technique to show it to someone else, the technique often becomes clearer to yourself. Try it sometime- remember, we are on this journey together.

While many students can attend class or work out everyday, other students suffer from student burn-out. It is important to train at a pace that will optimize your progress. How much? Taekwondo is an individual activity and only you can determine your optimal work-out time (not everyone is a Tyler Cochran). Just be aware that you can overdo even a good thing. Remember, an apple a day will keep the Doctor away… but if you eat two dozen apples a day, you will probably need the Doctor!

Achieving Black Belt does not signify the end of your martial arts journey. Instead, the Black Belt is a symbol of your hard work, dedication, and your success in following through on your Black Belt commitment. It recognizes a proficiency of skill you have developed during your training, and how you strive to have the confidence that motivates you to put forth extra effort in class, at home, in school, or at work if you are an adult student. We believe that you have the inner ability to achieve greatness if you put forth the necessary effort as you did to achieve your Black Belt. This achievement will lay the foundation on which you will develop master skills in the future. But, most importantly, your Black Belt is the first step to attaining this higher learning. So keep on kickin’ and never, never, never give up!This achievement will lay the foundation on which you will develop master skills in the future. But, most importantly, your Black Belt is the first step to attaining this higher learning. Together we can make a difference in people’s lives!