Do you have Black Belt Plans?

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Everyone I meet wished they could have taken any type of martial arts at some point in their life when they where young. I sort of smile when they said “young”.
You see, we all wish to try martial arts but that just the talk part of a personal dream before you start working on it and take action! I believe that if you really want something, and you feel very strongly about accomplishing that something – you will draw ALL your attention and efforts to do it and get it. When I was 15 years old a friend was doing some martial arts stuff and I immediately loved it. My mom didn’t have the resources so eventually I quit, but my heart kept burning for years in the background. Later, I joined the military and moved on to something else (play military sports) until another day I met another martial artist. Don’t we always say this world is small? It seemed like they weren’t many around me but I kept stumping into one here and there. You see, every person is like a door, or maybe a match ready to lit your flame back again if you re-visit the dream. I started thinking again getting my black belt (I started thinking lets finish the job I started when I was 15 years old). It wasn’t easy since I put a lot of mental limitations on myself, which delayed my journey. I took many risks at my own expense paying a Korean master 3 years in full and the same week the signed on his door said evicted – out of business. You will think I will quit after that – uh? So much for the tenets. However; that big obstacle motivated me even more to go for my black belt. It seemed that when I wanted something the tables will turned against me. That was not only a tough circumstance but also a mental one I had to overcome without a coach. How could I give up on my black belt dream. Lots of people were saying join co-ed this or this other woman sport. I couldn’t.

My mind was set, and I knew what I wanted so I decided to give it a try to another school to get my black belt. I talked with Master Richards (now to help me achieve my goal. I explained to him what happened during my interview to join his school. I am so glad I didn’t give up. The martial arts experience was as rewarding as my military career. I made a lot of friends, and with each belt testing my commitment to my black belt grew stronger and stronger. You see I don’t credit luck for my success getting my first black belt, I know that if I stick to the plan I will see my reward and my reward was based on hard work, perseverance, believe in myself, never give up, never quit, and keeping the I can do it attitude.

Do you think a person is a dreamer if year after year he/she never dreams a dream? Can you become a black belt by simply dreaming about it? A good dream is a thought in action waiting for you to give it a purpose in your life. Once you act on it you give it life, you walk on the path of the warrior, of self confidence, of knowing yourself and others better, and knowing that you are not a lone warrior – we are many walking next to you not because the world is small but because you arrived at a place where you can see all of us everywhere! I had a dream to follow and it changed my whole life! I hope you don’t give up in your dreams to become a black belt. The road will have its ups and down, but those same ups and downs will teach you to overcome obstacles and help your walk in life be more amazing with amazing people. Don’t give up, we all go through stuff, forgive, forget, and move on like moving water 🙂

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